Mike Robles


Livermore, CA


About the Artist, Mike Robles

I am an award winning artist and a native Californian. I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from Carlmont High School, Belmont in 1958.
I graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 1963 with a BS in Physical Sciences. One week after graduating, I married Jane and we are now celebrating over 50 years of marriage.

I was exposed to art at a young age by my extremely gifted artist mother and step-father. But, I did not get serious about drawing and painting until I retired from GE in 2003. I found that I enjoyed painting (mainly, watercolors and acrylics). I have taken art classes from several local artists, Gayle Nelson, Clancy Crew, Nancy Saltsman and Gerald Brommer to name a few. I will continue my art education as there is always something new to learn and my style is still developing. I use bold, saturated colors and have not limited myself to any particular subject niche, anything that catches-my-eye may become a subject for a painting! Since Jane and I like to travel, many of my subjects have come from the trips we’ve taken.


Monument Valley Overlook by Mike Robles


Monument Valley North Window by Mike Robles


Laguardia Street Lamp by Mike Robles


Endangered - Spotted Owl by Mike Robles


Endangered - Ocelot by Mike Robles


Denali Dall Sheep by Mike Robles


Snowy Egret by Mike Robles


Shore Birds by Mike Robles


Courtship Dance by Mike Robles


Red Poppies by Mike Robles


Cactus Flowers I by Mike Robles


Bird-of-Paradise by Mike Robles


White Hibiscus by Mike Robles


Cactus Flower II by Mike Robles